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  1. Very well put, and I sympathize with your postiion. As you may recall in an earlier radio show, I expressed that I felt humanity is waking up from a patriarchal model of religion and government, and we are being called at this time to integrate a greater compassion for humanity into these arenas. To me spirituality is addressing the human spirit which I believe is not physical or at least not of a physicality that our five senses can perceive. I do not think of God as male or female, because that is thinking of God in human terms creating God in the image and likeness of us. I usually refer to God as It . I think of It as a metaphysical force or energy that causes things to grow, that beats our hearts, and breathes our lungs the Source of all Life, the Thing that creates life, the life-affirming force. But it is not outside ourselves, and we can never be separate from It. Just as there is a Law of Gravity, there are certain Natural Laws that improve our life if we live in harmony with them, and put us in a state of frustration if we don’t understand them. One of the Natural Laws is that the energy you put out comes back to you. I was addressing SJ’s comment of bringing out the good in all religions when I gave examples of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” He was speaking in the context of religions, therefore I quoted something that many religions have in common. That ancient teaching is an example of the metaphysical law that the type of energy you put out is what comes back to you and manifests in your life. The other teaching I quoted as being in common with many religions is to “worship only God and have no strange gods before Him”. The word “Him” is not my word, but what other religions teach. I believe this teaching reflects the metaphysical tenet to not believe in anything but the One spiritual Life Force as the Source of good in your life. In other words, looking to your rulers, your authorities, your investments, your job, or even your spouse for whatever good you are seeking is fruitless, although your good might just come from any of these avenues. But they are not the ultimate Source of our good, and therefore not deserving of giving away our spiritual power to these physical forms. Remembering that the Source of Life within ourselves is the source of all our good keeps our power within our own energy – what we are putting out. Interesting that you mention the desert god. My family is from Lithuania and I was raised with many of the pagan beliefs of Lithuania – a very rainy agricultural seaside region alongside our Catholic rituals. Lithuania was the last European country to be Christianized, and only accepted it after numerous onslaughts by the Crusaders. I definitely resonate with the pagan gods the ancient Lithuanians worshipped, which were basically Nature – Mother Sun and Mother Earth (it was a matriarchal society). Also, Fire was very sacred. I am named for the Goddess of the Underground – I guess that’s why I’ve spent my life in spiritual “excavation”. Thank you for your comment. Nijole

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