Good Books

Books on atheist spirituality

André Comte-Sponville The Book of Atheist Spirituality’ Bantam 2008

Geoff Crocker An Enlightened Philosophy – Can an Atheist Believe Anything?O Books 2011

Richard Holloway ‘Godless Morality’ Canongate 2000

Brian Mountford ‘Christian Atheist : Belonging without Believing’ O Books 2011

Alain de Botton ‘Religion for Atheists’  Penguin 2013

A C Grayling ‘The Good Book : A Secular Bible’ Bloomsbury 2011

Books on atheism

Julian Baggini ‘Atheism A Very Short Introduction’ Oxford 2003

John Humphrys ‘In God We Doubt’ Hodder and Stoughton 2007

Books on virtue

André Comte-Sponville ‘A Short Treatise on the Great Virtues’ Heinemann 2002

Susan Neiman ‘Moral Clarity’ Bodley Head 2009

Isaiah Berlin ‘The Crooked Timber of Humanity’ Vintage 2003

Matt Ridley ‘The Origins of Virtue’ Penguin 1997

John Rawls ‘A Theory of Justice’ Harvard University Press 1999

Christopher Ricks ‘T S Eliot and Prejudice’ Faber and Faber 1994

Amartya Sen ‘The Idea of Justice’ Penguin 2009

Kathleen Taylor ‘Cruelty – Human Evil and the Human Brain’ Oxford 2009

Nathaniel Hawthorne ‘Scarlet Letter’ Oxford 2009

Nathaniel Hawthorne ‘The Birthmark’ Oxford 2009

Richard Holloway ‘On Forgiveness’ Canongate 2002

Stefan Zweig ‘Beware of Pity’ Pushkin Press 2012

Jérôme Ferrari ‘Where I Left My Soul’ MacLehose Press 2012

José Saramago ‘Raised from the Ground’ Harvill Secker 2012

Hans Fallada ‘Alone in Berlin’ Penguin 2010

Relevant books on philosophy

André Comte-Sponville ‘The Little Book of Philosophy’ Heinemann 2004

Roy Porter ‘Flesh in the Age of Reason’ Penguin 2004

Simon Blackburn ‘Think’ Oxford 2001

Simon Blackburn ‘Being Good’ Oxford 2002

Terry Eagleton ‘Reason, Faith, and Revolution’ Yale 2009

Julian Baggini ‘What’s it all about? Philosophy and the Meaning of Life’ Granta  2005

Thaddeus Metz ‘Meaning in Life’  OUP 2013

Susan Wolf ‘Meaning in Life and Why it Matters’ Princeton 2012

Joshua Seachris ‘Exploring the Meaning of Life : An Anthology and Guide’ Wiley 2012

Erik Wielenberg ‘Value and Virtue in a Godless Universe’ Cambridge 2005

John Cottingham ‘On the Meaning of Life’ Routeledge 2002

Terry Eagleton ‘The Meaning of Life’ OUP 2007

Several of these books are reviewed in Geoff’s book reviews.